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Using Orafate™ 

How to Use  

Orafate™ should be used 3 times daily for the 1st day then twice daily for 1 week or as 
directed by the dentist. Then it should be used for 4 weeks daily.

Direction of Use: ¼  teaspoon of gel may be used in any of the following ways:
(a) 	Brushed alone or with toothpaste over affected tooth-gum line area;
(b) 	Using cotton-swabbed tip dabbed Orafate directly on to affected gum margin;
(c) 	Placed in mouth and sucked back and forth through spaces between teeth; or
(d) 	Mixed with equal portions of dentifrice (powder, paste, gel) and layer over 
		the teeth

Orafate™ reverses gingival and periodontal inflammation without antibiotics, 
or harsh chemicals, adhering to the gingival margins and periodontal pockets

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